Our Week in Politics & Culture: Election Results, Clumsy Coups, and Biden's Dogs

Sheesh, you thought last week was long? Emotions rode high on Saturday after most news outlets called the election for Joe Biden. This week, they’re still riding high with coup anxiety, conspiracy theories, and general post-election malaise. But you think a little democratic uncertainty is gonna keep us down? We’ve got your election results talk, as well as artist interviews, personal stories, and MAGA Twitter meltdowns.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly interview Jennifer Seastone, a New York-based actress and visual artist whose work explores the possibilities of re-forming narrative and  memory. Throughout the conversation Kimberly and Jenny talk about the role of communication and the difficulty of finding a single truth in an overloaded landscape.

This week’s Book Talk features Corey Sobel, who challenges tenacious stereotypes in his compelling debut novel The Redshirt, shedding new light on the hypermasculine world of American football.

This week marks Radio Dispatch‘s second post-election show and our first one with results. Joe Biden won! John and Molly talk about the wild week that just passed, and what might be to come in the next 2 months. Also, there’s good news from Pfizer about their COVID-19 vaccine!



This week’s 1st Person features Diana, for whom music has always been a part of her life. But she never had the confidence to share her songwriting until she met Crow. He helped her achieve happiness both musically and romantically. When Diana experiences two great losses with less than a decade between them, she finds a way to heal and continue on through music.

On Video Dispatch, John Knefel comments on centrist Democrats’ public disdain for Leftist policies and what that means for the Biden administration.


Did you miss former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s post-election Twitter meltdown? We didn’t. Turns out she’s far from the only conservative media personality crying persecution.

Joe Biden has called for unity in the wake of his election victory. It sounds nice, but it’s a lot more difficult to find common ground with Republicans than it might appear.

Trump, meanwhile, won’t concede, and his administration officials—particularly Mike Pompeo—have some wondering if he’s staging a clumsy coup.

And while Trump won’t overturn the election results, his challenges are exactly the ammo Republicans need to steal future elections.

One thing we can all agree on, regardless of political stripe—dogs are good. And the Biden family is bringing them back to the White House, including major, the first rescue First Dog in history.

Georgia will decide the balance of the Senate once Biden takes office. It comes down to two runoff races in January. Don’t know much about the candidates running? We’ve got you covered.

Other Politics and Culture News …

Alex Trebek’s wife, Jean, shared the Jeopardy! host’s heartfelt final message to the show’s fans. Trebek died last Sunday at age 80.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is posturing to become President-elect Biden’s Treasury Secretary, but as Eoin Higgins writes, Biden advisers are afraid the choice might alienate his moderate backers and donors.

Multiple outlets confirmed that Democrats will maintain their House majority, but by a far slimmer margin than initially expected. Republicans have either won or are leading in all but two of the 27 districts the New York Times has classified as “toss-ups.”

For Defector, Samer Kalaf wonders what grifting media personality/gigantic gambling mush Clay Travis will pivot to now that Trump’s lost.