Our Week in Politics & Culture: Brain Farts, Actual Farts, & Tales of Passion

April showers bring May flowers, and with ’em a slew of good content. Sure, some of it is looking on slack jawed as a former senator (and current CNN contributor) says something mind-bendingly racist. Or wondering how the president could possibly miss this golden opportunity to pass significant healthcare measures. Or investigating whether Rudy Giuliani farted on live television. The jury’s still out on that last one.

Even without the (former) mayoral flatulence, we’ve had a heck of a week full of amazing podcast guests, interviews, and stories across our site. We might’ve even worked a drinking game in there, too.


This week on Art Uncovered, Kimberly spoke with New York-based artist Visakh Menon about his interest in digital aesthetics and its relationship to traditional painting and drawing.

On Book Talk, Kory talks with Jonathan Parks-Ramage about Yes, Daddy, a propulsive, scorching modern gothic, that follows an ambitious young man who is lured by an older, successful playwright into a dizzying world of wealth and an idyllic Hamptons home where things take a nightmarish turn.

Nights of Our Lives is a passionate crew. They’ve had crushes on boys who grew up to be famous TV stars and even managed to pick up a girl at a bar, once. Has your pulse stopped pounding?? Tune in this month to hear these and other barely safe for kindergarten tales of passion!

This week’s Radio Dispatch features Ryan Devereaux on Title 42 and Biden’s continuation of Trump’s policies. Also, how the international intellectual property rights regime is leading to a catastrophe in India.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, Joe Virgillito speaks with Dr. Yan Zhang, an associate professor at Sam Houston State University, who in January published a study examining the nature and characteristics of hate crimes against Asian Americans. Later in the episode, J. McVay speaks with Charles Hinshaw about the new film Quo Vadis, Aida?, the submission to the Academy Awards from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which earned a nomination for Best International Film. Plus a live performance from A Day Without Love, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


On this week’s 1st Person, Jen shares the details of her personal experience with a COVID-19 infection. Not only did she go through initial symptoms that persisted longer than those many others have gone through, but she still deals with flare ups a year after her infection. The 60 day isolation she experienced early on as well as her “long-hauler” status have, though, also given her an opportunity to learn about herself.

Recent data shows that, contrary to the case made over the last year, standardized test scores for children grades 1-8 have been comparable to a non-pandemic year. On Video Dispatch, MJ Knefel criticizes the arguments regarding “learning loss,” which have been made throughout the pandemic – a concept used as the reason for keeping K-12 schools open. Additionally, they critique the idea that reading and mathematical abilities are the most important part of education.


Surely Jimmy Kimmel, the late night host who repeatedly harangued Trump, wouldn’t help rehabilitate his predecessor? Surely not.

Rick Santorum’s comments about the birth of America are an indictment of himself, CNN, and probably the entire American system of governance.

Biden’s American Families Plan is the kind of universal relief people need. But leaving out healthcare measures is a mistake.

The NFL Draft is here again, which means it’s time to park it in front of the sofa and break out the booze.

Rudy Giuliani might’ve let one rip while trying to explain away his latest legal troubles on Fox News. Raids can make you gassy.

Other Politics & Pop Culture News …

Donald Trump’s support in the Republican Party has slipped recently, from 50 percent to 44 percent.

Prosecutors apparently sought a much more aggressive approach to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters, which would have violated the First Amendment.

Bill Gates has received tremendous criticism after refusing to share vaccine formulas with the rest of the world, saying it would be a bad idea.

Earlier this week the Supreme Court took a case challenging New York’s restrictions on concealed public carrying. This could lead to the court declaring it a constitutional right and overriding local restrictions.