Our Week in Politics: Cheney Consciousness

A compromise isn’t really a compromise when you have no intention of changing your mind. Just ask Mitch McConnell or literally any other Republican. Not Liz Cheney, though—her conviction in not compromising with the Trump-loving wing of the party has her in hot water. Big whoop. It’s not all boring predictable Republican games, though. We’ve got our usual slate of interviews, analysis, a look into corporations co-opting woke-isms, and…vending machines? That’s right. Crack open your favorite soft drink and check out what’s bubbling this week on BTRtoday.


This week on Art Uncovered Kimberly speaks with Julia Kwon, a Korean American artist working with textiles. Her work explores the objectification of Asiatic female bodies and the complexities of constructing identity within the context of globalism, cultural hybridity and intersectionality. Throughout the conversation they talk about Julia’s face mask project titled Unapologetically Asian.

On Book Talk, Kory speaks with Nicholas Antonopoulos about Slender Notions, a dark narrative and brutal account of opiate addiction and inquisition into the pursuit of happiness.

On Radio Dispatch the Knefels discuss Biden’s address to Congress, and kids age 12-15 being cleared for the Pfizer vaccine next week as the U.S. redefines our expectations for herd immunity.

On this week’s BreakThru Radio Weekly J. McVay speaks with Bryan Bruchman, as we return to our series of recurring segments in which we meet the people behind what we do here at BTRtoday. Bryan produces the Subliminal Inevitable Show and the Music Digest, produces and often hosts BTR Live Studio, is a Senior Video Producer for BTRtv, and acts as BTRtoday’s Art Director. Plus live performances from Sasha and the Valentines and GracieSouz, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


The week before Thanksgiving 2020, Alana’s father started feeling ill. He soon discovered that he was positive for COVID-19. Not long after, the other members of Alana’s family also came down with the virus. On this week’s 1st Person, Alana shares the hardships that her family went through while ailing and confined within their home.

On Video Dispatch, MJ Knefel explains why organizations co-opting progressive language does not eliminate the power behind the movements the language represents. And that more important than critiquing the use of language, is protecting the people who are actually being targeted by the corporations presenting themselves as “woke.”


Mitch McConnell’s counter to Biden’s infrastructure plan isn’t a compromise so much as a corporate cushion.

How can it possibly exist in “the greatest country in the history of mankind,” you ask? Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves thinks it doesn’t.

Rep. Liz Cheney viewed her rebuke of Trump as a chance to gain power, not a moralistic cross to die on.

Caitlyn Jenner hopes airplane hangar tales will catapult her to California’s governorship. And as dumb as they are, it might work.

The White House Press Corps got a new vending machine, and we took an unnecessary closer look at its contents.

Other Politics & Pop Culture News …

On the Discontents blog, Luke O’Neil writes about the restaurant labor shortage connected to low wages and inherent COVID-19 risk.

A new report from Public Citizen found that corporate impunity reached record levels during the Trump administration.

The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer obtained Republican operative Lee Atwater’s unpublished memoir, which suggests his tactics became normalized under Trump.

Unusual Whales published a full report of U.S. senators’ trading tendencies and found that they made irregular trades, got in on trends early, and vastly outperformed the market in 2020.