Our Week in Politics: Biographies and Bad Comedy

This week ended on a sour note, with the passing of a rap icon and the chance to unionize an Amazon warehouse. But it’s not all bad. We peppered in our usual slate of interviews and articles, including chats with a multi-media artist and a big-time biographer. And who could ignore the regular onslaught of conservative outrage or Greg Gutfeld’s garbage new show? We certainly couldn’t. All that plus movie reviews, student debt relief, and even more about Matt Gaetz this week on BTRtoday.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly spoke with Augustine Boyce Cummings, a new York-based artist who works with sculpture, painting, drawing and assemblages. They discussed Boyce’s project titled An American Dream, a massive multi-media installation that was exhibited in an abandoned school building in Grand Rapids Michigan.

This week’s Book Talk features a chat with Blake Bailey on his biography of Philip Roth. Appointed by Roth himself and granted independence and complete access, Bailey spent years poring over Roth’s personal archive, interviewing his friends, lovers, and colleagues, and engaging Roth in breathtakingly candid conversations. The result is an indelible portrait of an American master and of the postwar literary scene.

This week on Radio Dispatch, the Knefels discuss MJ’s rise and the downfall of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, J.McVay and movie contributors Jacqueline Soller and Charles Hinshaw discuss The Father and Pieces of a Woman, two Academy Award nominated dramas centered on difficult family drama. Plus live performances from The Black Black and E. Woods, both recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


Ashley is an elementary school art teacher at a New York City public school in an underserved area. On this week’s 1st Person, she shares the difficulties she faced while teaching students remotely after the city locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the number of Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to rise, there is still a lot of media focus on vaccine hesitancy, and the communities who won’t be getting the vaccine right away. On Video Dispatch, MJ Knefel comments on why access to vaccines, and removing barriers to medical care, should be a more pressing issue.


Republicans like Rep. Dan Crenshaw don’t view voter suppression as a form of cancellation because it doesn’t fit their victim narrative.

Greg Gutfeld’s late night talk show on Fox News is already the worst of a terrible television genre.

Mitch McConnell couldn’t heighten the contradictions of corporate political speech or cancel culture much more if he tried.

Cancelling student loan debt is on the Biden administration’s docket, but numbers, timelines, and details are still up in the air.

Social media mourned DMX’s death before it happened, bringing undue stress onto those closest to him.

Other Politics & Pop Culture News …

Less than an hour after our story published Friday, reports confirmed that rapper DMX died at age 50.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II, also died Friday at age 99.

As of Friday afternoon, Amazon appears to have defeated the union drive in Bessemer, Ala.

Former House Speaker John Boehner richly says he regrets not fighting against Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998.