Our Week In Music: Voter-Access Music Festivals, Premieres, & An Oktoberfest Playlist

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap…


This week, on The Music Meetup, Elena Childers featured Denitia. She got experimental, environmental, and fell in love with the vocals of Denitia. Inspired by the waves of Rockaway, and as of the past year, the air of upstate NY. Elena chattted and spun tracks from Denitia’s last album Touch of the Sky. 

There was a new Roadside Assistance this week: “Oktoberfest!” Several of BTRtoday’s musically-inclined podcast hosts chose a few songs of their choice and víola! A beautiful mix of genres became the playlist for Oktoberfest

For our BTR Live Studio (at Home), Jeanette D. Moses had a chat with NYC’s Sammi Lanzetta on a classic NYC fire escape. Lanzetta released her debut LP Ceiling Mirror last fall on 6131 Records, and like many musicians with a fresh release, she was expecting to spend most of 2020 on tour promoting it. Of course, that didn’t happen. In this episode, Lanzetta delivered an intimate solo performance.

Also, The Subliminal Inevitable Show featured part two of the young Philadelphia-based label, Dear Life Records. Bryan Bruchman chatted with Michael Cormier and Frank Meadows and checked out music from their first year.

Plus, on another BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions, Jen Meller chatted with Atlanta based singer-songwriter May Tabol of Pree, who played some of her latest tunes. They chatted about the process of creating the new sound on the album Status/Post, Pree’s writing process, and the evolution of Pree throughout the past decade.

And finally, our Top Artist of the Week is LCG & the X! Out of Oklahoma City, their self-released and self-titled album is available on their Bandcamp page.

Click below to listen now:



You can also watch exclusive performances from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Sammi Lanzetta and Pree right here, with a previously unreleased At-Home Live Studio with Seán Barna from back in July:



We kicked off the week celebrating the 20 year anniversary of one of the most pivotal indie bands, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! How did we do that? By making a playlist of their best love songs, of course!


The presidential elections are coming up quickly and many organizations are turning to musicians to encourage voter turnout. Check out which virtual festivals we’re most excited for and you can see for free if you’re registered or proved you voted.


For the first of October, we premiered Cory Josés music video for “Warmth.” It features the musician prancing around Chicago pantsless singing about forbidden love.


We also had another premiere, this time featuring the title track from NYC’s Blue Sprue’s freshly released EP. “A Song For You” shreds you to death in the best way possible. These rockers really let you have it with no apologies—plus, we announced the release date of their upcoming sophomore album The Poison In The Ice.


And finally, go read Elena’s feature on Denitia. They chatted about Denitia’s environmental and spiritual inspirations—combining urban areas with the vast outdoors to create music that’s boundless in genres. Read it here!


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