Our Week In Music: Valentine's Playlist, Pop-Punk Performance, & Socially Conscious Records

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap …


This week, on The Music Meetup, host Elena Childers dedicated an episode to the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day! We know it’s a dumb holiday, but we desperately need any reason to celebrate love after all the hatred from 2020. Each artist has been featured on a previous episode of The Music Meetup—check them out!


For BTR Live Studio (at Home), Jeanette D. Moses had a chat with NYC-based pop-punkers Thick. Their debut LP, Five Years Behind, came out on Epitaph Records a few days before Covid-19 shutdowns, their tours were postponed, and press opportunities all pivoted to digital. But the band hasn’t let it get them down, in this episode, they chatted about how time away from the road has allowed them to focus on writing for their next album.


And you gotta check out this brand new episode of Spotlight On the City! This week host Lottie Leymarie features local bands from Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pa..


We also had a brand new episode of When We See Each Other. Host Nikkiesha McLeod chatted with Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, a poet in The Queer Songbook Orchestra. The 13-piece chamber pop ensemble based in Toronto focuses on surfacing queer narratives in pop music. They released “Medicine for Melancholy” with Bonjay in November of last year.


Subliminal Inevitable also had a new episode this week, this time featuring the Philadelphia-based “artist-friendly, socially conscious” record label, The Giving Groove. Host Bryan Bruchman chatted with label co-founder Matt Teacher about the label’s first few years, its unique mission statement, and much more!


Plus, another new BTR Live Studio (At-Home) featuring Bruisey Peets! They stopped by and played some of their new tunes. Bruisey Peets is the brainchild of Ben Usie formerly of Pree and Br’er. Host Jen Meller discusses with Ben his songwriting process, the role of queerness in the project, and the shifting of gears to running your own project—plus, a new record label, Yall Star Records.


Finally, our Top Artist of the Week was Arlo Parks! Our hosts spun their album, Collapsed In Sunbeams (out on Transgressive/PIAS) the most this week.



You can also watch the exclusive performance from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Thick and Bruisey Peets right here, along with previously unreleased At-Home Live Studios with Vanessa Silberman from back in October:



This week we started with the video premiere of “Pushing Daisies” by Ashley Strongarm. She sings about the fear that comes with taking a new path in life and the emotional goodbyes necessary before taking it. The video follows a blossoming young lady—literally blossoming, her head’s a flower blooming—doing mundane things around NYC.


We also premiered Marion Raw’s video for her moody cover of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time.” The video shows that sometimes getting lost in your thoughts can feel just as real as getting lost in real life.


Plus, for our third premiere of the week, we had MØAA’s video for her debut single “Exist.” The post-punk track creates a world where contradictions can blossom together.


And, our last premiere of the week came from NYC locals The Brooksidez. 2020 changed this four-piece and now they’re packing a hard punk rock punch with “Feel The Pain.”


Finally, check out the artist list of videos and BTR interviews for The Music Meetup Valentine’s. Day special, here!


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