Our Week In Music: Protest Songs, Live At-Home Performances, & Mental Health Awareness Month

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap …


This week, on The Music Meetup, host Elena Childers featured UK-based musician Zoey Mead, aka Wyldest! They chatted about a month ago and now she’s gearing up for a social distant May tour and a new album Monthly Friend out May 28—pre-order here!


We also had a new episode of Roadside Assistance. This week BTRtoday’s podcast hosts got together to dedicate a playlist to fighting the power.


For BTR Live Studio (at Home), host Bryan Bruchman chatted with Sasha And The Valentines. The Austin, TX-based band is a dream pop duo with a brand new debut LP full of sweet and hazy pop gems. For their performance here, Sarah Addi (voice, keys, drum machine) is joined by JB Bergin on Violin in a perfect outdoor setting, and chatted about the band’s history and the new record.


On the new episode of When We See Each Other, host Nikkiesha McLeod featured artist An Only Child. The singer-songwriter, dancer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles released his album, ‘Prepare The Body,’ in December and was even named BTRtoday’s Artist of the Week on March 19th this year.


This week’s Subliminal Inevitable featured Asian Man Records! Host Bruchman caught up with owner Mike Park of Asian Man Records as the label celebrated its 25 year anniversary.


Plus, another new BTR Live Studio (At-Home) host Jen Meller chatted with GracieSouz. The London-based electro-pop is also associated with indie rock group Kin. They discussed the sound of the new project, GracieSouz’s writing process, the making of the two new music videos for the singles “Brian Cox” and “Before, An Apparition,” and the influence of outer space on the project.


Finally, our Top Artist of the Week was Sunn War! Our hosts spun her album, Simple Syrup (Hen House/ORG) the most this week!



You can also watch the exclusive performance from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Sasha & the Valentines and GracieSouz right here, along with previously unreleased At-Home Live Studios with Thunny Brown from back in January:



We kicked the week off with a rockin’ new single from The Mistons! The track “Transmission” thrashes out an anthem for the misfits of the world.


We then had a music video premiere for NYC locals Sharkswimmer. The video for “Folding” documents the frontman’s life and his experience going through a huge & relatable life change.


We also shared an interview we had with Chicago duo Woody & Jeremy. The musical buds Woody Goss and Jeremy Daly combine forces to bring you catchy-as-hell tracks and fun tongue-in-cheek lyrics.


And, our last premiere of the week was from Fly Felix and released in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. The Track “Hope You’re Alright” rocks out while also being a fundraiser for Mental Health America.


Finally, check out the written feature on this week’s rockin’ Music Meetup artist Wyldest, here!


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