Our Week In Music: Mafia Movie Music Video, Premieres, & a San Juan Playlist

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap …


This week, on The Music Meetup, host Elena Childers featured the badass NYC-based artist TALIA and spin her sultry new EP headrush.


Plus, check out the new episode of Spotlight on the City—this time featuring local bands from San Juan, Puerto Rico!


For BTR Live Studio (at Home), host Bryan Bruchman chatted with Juliet Quick. The Hudson Valley-born/ Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter’s work reflects on climate terror, misogyny, self-interrogation, and holding on to hope. Here, she shared an intimate look at her music, performed exclusively for BTR Live Studio At Home, and chatted about her record, songwriting, and inspiration.


This week’s Subliminal Inevitable featured Atlanta, Georgia-based label, Human Sounds Records. Host Bryan Brushman chatted with the owner Josh Andrews and spins artists from their roster.


Plus, another new BTR Live Studio (At-Home) host Bryan Bruchman chatted with Call Me Spinster—a Chattanooga, TN-based sister trio. In this episode, the band delivered a stunning live performance and talked about how they found themselves together in TN, the band’s beginnings, their album, and the future.


Finally, our Top Artist of the Week was The Berries! Our hosts are spinning their album, Throne of Ivory (Run for Cover) the most this week!



You can also watch the exclusive performance from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Juliet Quick and Call Me Spinster right here, along with previously unreleased At-Home Live Studios with Sanya N’Kanta from back in January:



We kicked the week off premiering “I Am A Poseur,” a killer X-Ray Spex cover of a classic punk rock anthem from two bands. Super City and Natural Velvet singer Corynne Ostermann combined forces to thrash extra hard.


We then had a Mafia-cinema-inspired music video from Grady Strange. The song “Karma’s A Gun” is from his upcoming album Getting Stranger out July 21!


We also shared a music video from Philly-based/Turkey-born artist Ali Anwan. The track “Climb” brings back classic ’90s grooving vibes like Dee-Lite and Eels.


And, lately, we interviewed Mandy Brownholtz, the DIY music venue booker turned author. She just published her first book Rotten and it’s inspired from her experience in the scene.


Finally, check out the written feature on this week’s badass Music Meetup artist TALIA, here!


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