Our Week In Music: Jack Black, Premieres, & TikTok

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap …


This week, on The Music Meetup, Elena Childers chatted with frontwoman of STAR and Future Silence. They talk new music, evil forces, and pandemic. Tune in!


For our BTR Live Studio (at Home), Bryan Bruchman chatted Foxanne. Based in Brooklyn, but back in her hometown of NJ, the band was making use of a temporary studio where they’ve been able to keep working on music during the pandemic. Ahead of a trip to Mars (sorta, really) Foxanne delivered an incredible duo performance for us and chatted about the upcoming debut full length, making a DIY music video at the beach, musical inspiration, and more.


We also had a new episode of When We See Each Other! Nikkiesha interviewed the indie-folk duo Tender Creature. We also heard a few tracks off their new EP An Offering, which is available on all platforms.


We also had a new episode of Subliminal Inevitable with Bryan Bruchman. This week Bryan chatted interviewed Greg and Kevin of the Chicago-based label, Born Yesterday Records. They talked about the young label’s beginnings, how the pandemic has affected their bands (Deeper, Stuck), and we dive into a ton of music from their catalog.


Plus, on another BTR Live Studio (at Home) Jen Meller chatted with London-based indie-pop trio KIN. Grace and Adam spoke with Jen about the making of the music video for “L.O.V.E.” choreographed by bandmate Ritu Arya and fellow Umbrella Academy castmate David Castañeda. The band also talked about their writing process and favorite stories from gigs.


Finally, our Top Artist of the Week is Couch Prints! We listened to their newest EP, Tell You the most this week—out now on Luminelle Recordings.



You can also watch exclusive performances from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Foxanne and KIN right here, with a previously unreleased At-Home Live Studio with Nejma Nefertiti from back in August:



Our week started with one of our favorite superstars, Jack Black! From dancing to “WAP,” to epic covers, Jack Black is a bright light in the dark year that’s been 2020.


We jumped into our premieres this week with Run River North’s “Lonely Weather.” An upbeat indie-pop song about seasonal depression that the world desperately needs right now. Plus, a new album announcement!


We then premiered the crunchy Southern pop-punk track “Meat Sweatz” from Nashville’s Ghost Town Remedy. They’re the kind of Southern pop-punk that’s crackin’ jokes while rockin’ out.


We also got hooked on TikTok this week. So, we gathered all the viral songs that we love from the social media platform and put them in one spot for everybody.

Finally, go check out the written Music Meetup feature STAR. Find out more about their newest album and the evil forces they had to battle to get it done.


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