Our Week In Music: Interviews, Premieres, & Kanye West's Confusing Campaign Ad

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap…


This week, on The Music Meetup, Elena Childers picked the spookiest tracks from musicians that have been featured on the show this year (the spookiest year for the show so far) for a playlist that really hit the Halloween sweet spot.

For our BTR Live Studio (at Home), Crazy DJ Bazarro chatted Juxx Diamondz, a rapper, producer, and director from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Plus, he shared an exclusive performance recorded live at his home studio.

We had a new Spotlight On The City this week, featuring bands from Fort Wayne, Indiana. We heard from Rosalind & the Way, Streetlamps for Spotlights, Slow Dakota, Mathis Grey, The Legendary Trainhoppers, Lexi Pifer, J. Tubbs, and more.

Also, The Subliminal Inevitable Show Bryan Bruchman featured the Chicago-based experimental label American Dreams, with an extensive interview with founder Jordan Reyes where they covered his new music video for “Rebirth At Dusk,” some of the label’s upcoming releases (including his own Sand Like Stardust), Zen and meditation, how the pandemic has affected his life, work, and art, pinball, and so much more.

Plus, on another BTR Live Studio (at Home) Bruchman chatted with Sadis Dupuis from Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz. Sadie recorded an exclusive performance of the song “With Baby” from the new record Haunted Painting, and they chatted about the new record, Speedy Ortiz, local beaches, the band sElf, and aliens.

Finally, our Top Artist of the Week is Laure Jane Grace! Her surprise album “Stay Alive” is out now on Polyvinyl Records.


You can also watch exclusive performances from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with Juzz Daimondz and Sadis Dupuis right here, with a previously unreleased At-Home Live Studio with Thanya Iyer from back in July:



Our week started with a premiere of a very spooky music video from Praises. A dark and mysterious dancer to an epic and emotional experimental song—what more could you’ve asked for?

We also had a chat with The Tomblands from Chicago about the psychedelic odyssey of their future music. Plus, they recently released an EP entitled Fall In Love. 

Our resident political writer Joe Virgillito, crossed roads with us music folk and broke down the very confusing and religious campaign ad that Kanye West recently released.

We also premiered a black and white music video for Felix Hatfield’s “That Kiss,” which found the romance within the era of silent films.

And we premiered the video for Pinc Louds’ “Spellbound,” which is an ode to the loving community of NYC’s East Village and the artists within it.


Finally, go check out the very spooky playlist of The Music Meetup‘s featured artists from 2020 and watch some music videos that’ll get you in the Halloween spirit.


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