Our Week In Music: A Bisexual Anthem, Exclusive Performances, & Premieres

In case you couldn’t keep up with the musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, here’s a quick recap …


This week, on The Music Meetup, host Elena Childers featured Montreal, Canada-based artist Magella! Her music is old school jazz/R&B-inspired and experimental electronic/industrial created. Listen to her debut EP Checkmate and a chat with Magella herself.


For BTR Live Studio (at Home), host Bryan Bruchman chatted with Brooklyn-based indie rock trio The Planes. Frontman Stephen Perry played tracks from his upcoming album Eternity on its Edge, his recent release The Oracle of Marcy, and talked about his music writing process.


On the new episode of When We See Each Other, host Nikkiesha McLeod spun some recently released tunes, including music by Brodka, VEN, Native Sun, Bachelor, Wombo, and more to kick off Pride Month!


This week’s Subliminal Inevitable featured Boston-based label Every Dejavu Records! Host Bruchman caught up with owner Ryan Magnole to chat about the eclectic label that features anything from beat tapes to hip hop, R’n’B, and indie rock.


Plus, another new BTR Live Studio (At-Home) host Jen Meller chatted with L.A.-based singer-songwriter Willa Amai. They discussed her musical beginnings, meeting Linda Perry, the upcoming release of her new album I Can Go To Bed Whenever, and the making of her music videos. Plus, an exclusive at-home performance.


Finally, our Top Artist of the Week was Cartalk! Our hosts spun their album, Pass Like Pollen (Lame-O) the most this week!



You can also watch the exclusive performance from our latest BTR Live Studio (at Home) sessions with The Planes and Willa Amai right here, along with previously unreleased At-Home Live Studios with MC WhiteOwl from back in January:



We kicked the week off with viral TikTok’r Mad Tsai’s “Boy Bi.” The song about being bisexual is a hit and is unofficially Pride Months bi anthem.


We then premiered the edgy song by Binding Spells “Been Better.” A rockin’ melody that is relatable to anyone who went through a breakup in 2020.


We also shared the new music video from Summer Salts. The Texan duo took us through a trippy ride through a magical forest for their song “Hocus Pocus.”


And, our last premiere of the week was Ethan Gold. The song “Bright & Lonely City” was brought to life by following different lives throughout the world.


Finally, check out the written feature on this week’s rockin’ Music Meetup artist Magella, here!


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