Our Fave Bands Punch Back, Steal Songs and We Drank Beer

This week was opinionated and attitudinal like no other. We had some tasty brews while Social Distortion was busy punching MAGAers, talked with our favorite musicians like Shilpa Ray about having a no-nonsense, in-your-face attitude. Plus, we reviewed Spike Lee’s hit “BlacKkKlansman” and discovered people in New Haven have some pretty rigid rules about pizza.

Enjoy our story picks for the week.

’BlackKkKlansman’ Satirizes the Present With the Past

BlacKkKlansman / John David Washington & Topher Grace as Ron Stallworth and David Duke

John David Washington & Topher Grace as Ron Stallworth and David Duke / film still courtesy of Focus Features

Lee’s latest film is another bold statement from the iconic but sometimes difficult director. It’s also the best film he’s made in years.

Shilpa Ray Tough-Talks Straight Back

Photo Courtesy of agostonagency

Shilpa Ray in Brooklyn tells us stories about working with Nick Cave, observations on her new music & talking “Jersey.”

As Led Zep Turns 50, A Look Back at Half a Century of Song Theft

Photo by Happybeatle2, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Zeppelin’s serial song theft has been in the spotlight since 2014, but it goes back much longer than that.

T. Soomian Gets Romantic in New Album

Photo courtesy of T. Soomian

“I’ve been enjoying it and I think people do too—love doesn’t go out of style.”

A Guide to Social Distortion for The #Resistance

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Only hearing of Social D. for the first time after Mike Ness punched out a MAGA chud at a concert? Here’s a quick catch up on one of America’s greatest bands.

The SFW Photo Series for Your NSFW Stories

By Charlies Deluvio, from Unsplash

Our top picks from Unsplash’s Unporn series of objects that resemble our naughty bits.

Everything You Need to Know About New Haven Pizza

Frank Pepe’s clam pizza. Photo by Tom McGovern

First of all, it’s “apizza.” Secondly, it’s delicious. Thirdly, don’t expect mozzarella. Fourth and last: try it with clams.

Hop Culture’s ‘Beers With(out) Beards’ Festival

Tasty brews were enjoyed by all at Beers With(out) Beards, despite the rain.