O.J. Simpson Taps Into Our Melting Twitter Brains

The Juice is loose again, this time it’s on Twitter.

O.J. Simpson made his Twitter debut on Friday, almost 25 years to the date of leading the LAPD on his infamous chase in his white Ford Bronco, in a 22-second video announcement where he said that he’s “got some getting even to do.” The tweet went viral almost immediately, and his follower count swelled as he posted two more videos, including one debunking the internet rumors that he’s Khloe Kardashian’s biological father.

Simpson knows we’re curious about him after FX’s American Crime Story and ESPN’s O.J.: Made in America and probably also feels entitled to some of the renewed interest in his story. Simpson’s been a shameless fame-grabber for years, from his ill-conceived prank show to If I Did It.

Reaction to Simpson’s Twitter appearance is yet another sign of how the internet has dulled our senses. We’ve accepted that the most notorious alleged murderer/criminal of the 20th century sends out tweets for all the world to see.

O.J.’s currency is attention, not money. He can’t monetize his public persona without Ron Goldman’s family’s lawyers eyeballing his balance sheet. But he’s free to try to get noticed. A Twitter account is the perfect way to feed his ego and stay in the public eye. Every slightly controversial thing he says will be viewed, commented on and written about by click farmers looking for stories that don’t require phone calls or leaving their desks.

We can laugh about Simpson’s social media accounts. But even making Simpson the butt of a joke reply or quote tweet gets him attention.