NRATV’s Murderer’s Row of On-Air Talent

The NRA wants to spread gun propaganda nationwide. And its television network employs a bunch of creeps who are troublingly good at it.

Save for a few racial and gender disparities, NRATV’s hosts are the same person. They’re like a Fox News farm team, only single-mindedly focused on gun rights instead of harping on Fox’s wide-reaching social conservative agenda. They spout the same pro-gun, anti-liberal talking points that made them famous enough to earn a show on Gun TV. They’re not hosts or activists so much as hucksters, parroting one another while touting themselves as Second Amendment-humping free thinkers.

It’s exactly the kind of group the NRA needs to saddle the pro-gun debate after a mass shooting, and the murderer’s row did them proud this week. Here’s a rundown of NRATV hosts and their reactions to the school shooting in Santa Fe, TX.

Dana Loesch

Commentator, radio personality and host of Relentless.

Loesch is the best known of the bunch. She’s argued for guns on Fox News and in aggressive NRA ads for years. This week, she praised a Texas lawmaker for proposing solutions to school shootings that didn’t include gun control (but did include door control). She also suggested taking half a billion dollars from Planned Parenthood to “secure schools,” cementing her abject ignorance on both Planned Parenthood and school security.

Grant Stinchfield

Former investigative reporter, host of Stinchfield

Stinchfield is most famous for smashing a television in a Dallas warehouse and making himself a target for John Oliver’s muckraking wit on Last Week Tonight. When he’s not rocking his “Socialist Tears” t-shirt, he’s claiming the removal of God is to blame for society’s violence. Because religion has never been the basis for violence, you know?

Colion Noir

Attorney, host of Noir

Noir became a controversial figure when he called out Parkland student activists, saying “no one would know [their] names” if their classmates hadn’t been killed. After this week’s school shooting in Santa Fe, he opted for the totally original idea that the liberal media and progressive culture actually causes school shootings.

Dean Bongino

Former Secret Service Member and NYPD officer, host of We Stand

Before his gig with the NRA, Bongino was a regular contributor on Fox News, specializing on matters of law enforcement and gun activism. He’s got some wild Clinton-Russia theories, and called America’s immigration policy “suicidal.” He asks the tough, thinly-veiled racist questions like “how much more diversity do you want?” Someone get @RacismDog on the case.