No One Cares That Vince Vaughn’s a Conservative

Vincent Vaughn treated Donald Trump the way Trump wishes all celebrities treated him. Vaughn, a movie star who effortlessly gets attention, attracted everyone’s while looking puppy-dog eager to talk to the president and the first lady. You could almost imagine Vaughn talking like his Old School character, motor-mouthing through a mix of self promotional ass-kissing punctuated by the odd one-liner.

Media tried to frame the interaction between Vaughn and Trump as an outrage for liberals of the world. By cozying up to Trump, Vaughn broke with Hollywood elite orthodoxy and scandalized the delicate sensibilities of Democrats who are easily swayed by famous peoples’ opinions.

No one on earth was really outraged, though.


The truth was that people didn’t care. They either already knew that Vaughn leaned conservative or quickly realized, correctly, that it doesn’t matter.

Vaughn’s been a public conservative for over a decade. And he’s not a center-of-the-road soft touch centrist conservative. He’s a Ron Paul fan who uses libertarian-flavor words like “liberty” to describe his personal ideology.

Vaughn enthusiastically backed Paul when the Kentucky Congressman ran for president in the late aughts. In 2009, Vaughn, then one of the top comedic movie stars in the world, wrote an endorsement for Paul’s book End the Fed saying every American should read it. In 2011, he doubled down on his Paul support when he introduced the then-presidential candidate at the Liberty Political Action Conference, an annual libertarian-conservative activist event.

Vaughn further outlined his libertarian worldview in a 2013 Adam Corolla interview, voicing distrust over government intervention. I’d quote it but it’s pretty boilerplate libertarian mish mosh that reads like it was spoken without a lot of forethought.

As a socialist with a deep and abiding love for the comedy masterpiece Dodgeball, I think the expectation is that I’ll be appalled by Vaughn’s rightward tilt. But, like the rest of the world, I just don’t care. The reasons are twofold: I don’t need everything I like to pass an ideological litmus test and I think that it’s kind of appropriate Vaughn’s a conservative.

He’d be a crummy ideological ally. Most of Vaughn’s comedic persona stems from ironic detachment and insincerity. By supporting Medicare For All or raising the minimum wage his vibe would be utterly cringe-inducing. The Republicans can have him, honestly.