No More Daily Vlogs for Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s daily vlogs are dumb, annoying and as of today, a thing of the past.

Paul posted an melodramatic video Saturday announcing he was ending his daily videos. Though he said vlogs would pop up from time to time, the YouTube star voiced his desire to “express himself creatively” and “diversify, bro.”

Ceasing daily vlogs is probably in Paul’s best interest. The videos brought him fame and fortune but also vilification. His awful vlog in Japan’s suicide forest was just four months ago, and he hasn’t appeared to express much remorse on camera since. YouTube suspended Paul’s advertising revenue mere days into his comeback when he tasered two dead rats on camera.

There’s a limit to how much content you can create day after day. Even if you’re a 23-year-old millionaire whose life revolves around producing views and clicks, things are bound to get stale. Paul offended people doing stupid things partly due to the pressure stay constant and relevant.

His career isn’t over. During his “final” vlog, Paul mentioned working on a new talk show (aptly named Impulsive), new business opportunities and making music. Those things seem like they’d involve more thought than spitting out daily videos.

Maybe taking on more long form projects will give Paul a chance to create thoughtful content. Maybe his new projects will people laugh without being cringingly stupid. Or maybe he’ll continue making crap, desperately grabbing for social media and getting dunked on by real comedians.