New Year, New Memes, This Week on BTRtoday

Welcome to 2019, jerks. We’re all about shaking off that post-holiday malaise with full force. We’re researching new diets, daily running routines and head banging to new music. And sure, maybe that new year’s resolution mindset will wear off quickly. But that’s what Netflix memes and movie lists are for.

Twitter Reacts to Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch

Hilarious spoilers ahead.

2018 in Movies For Someone Who Quit Movies in 2017

The best and worst movies from a rejuvenated cinephile.

3 Top-Rated Diets to Try in 2019

Resolved to change your eating habits this New Year? Find out if one of these popular diet plans is right for you.

Spud Cannon Proves Sad Songs Can be Fun

The upbeat indie rockers sing about tragedies but their music will get you up and dancing.

We’re Going Streaking! (Keep Your Clothes on: It’s Not That Kind of Streaking)

Running day after day is growing in popularity. Is it right for you?