New Underground Music We're Most Excited for in 2021

2020 took the cake for shittiest year in recent memory. But even through the roughest, most unbearable years, we can always count on one thing—and that thing is killer new music.

Hopefully 2021 turns out better than its predecessor, but either way we’ve got some bands that we love coming out with new tunes we can’t wait to hear. This is only the tip of the iceberg, too—we’re constantly reporting on new music from underground musicians, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our list below!

Nana Yamato, Before Sunrise LP (Feb. 5)
A young Japanese artist bringing a fresh sound to indie pop.


Family Dinner, You’re So Cool EP (Feb. 12)
Fun pop-punk with a grungy ’90s rock edge.

Anya Marina, Live and Alone in New York LP (Feb. 19)
Relatable/nostalgic acoustic live in NYC. Really makes you miss going to shows.

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, Swing from the Sean Delear LP (Feb. 19)
From the pioneering musician who’s played in The Gun Club, The Cramps, and more—we’re obsessed with everything Kid Congo does.


Sibille Attar, The History of Silence LP (Feb. 26)
Edgy indie rock that isn’t afraid to get emotional and experimental.

Black Hatch, One More Bite LP (Feb. 26)
A new one for the beloved NYC label King Pizza Records, we’re excited to hear the debut of these garage punk rockers.

The Muckers, Endeavor LP (Feb. 28)
Fuzzy and epic intricate guitar is laid down to pleasure your earholes from these NYC-based Irianian rockers.

Serpentwithfeet, DEACON LP (March 26)
Sweet and romantic pop that’ll have you yearning for the one you love.

Sunny War, Simple Syrup LP (March 26)
Robust vocals that keep things sultry, but aren’t afraid to get political and in-your-face.

The Black Angels, Live At Levitation LP (March 26)
True-blue rock’n’roll that’ll have you missing the beer-soaked nights of moshing and crowd surfing.

queen mars, trust issues EP (April 9)
Indie pop that’s robustly/beautifully empowering and in-your-face.

Mega Ran, Mega Ran 9 LP (April 17)
An indie hip-hop must-hear, this rapper is as epic as much as he is a role model.

Old Lady, Truck Stop Thrills LP (spring)
A classic bluesy, Americana, rock’n’roll sound that’s perfect for all occasions.

The Rizzos, How It Was LP (spring)
Epic garage rock that defines the genre with its hard-hitting melodies.

Tilden, TBD LP (spring)
The debut of an NYC band comprised of musicians from other NYC psych bands like Max Pain & the Groovies and GIFT.


Hooverii, TBD LP (spring)
Distorted, psych-rock that makes you hear colors and see music.

Greensleeves, Attractive Nuisance LP (spring/summer)
The solo project of GYMSHORTS frontwoman Sarah Greenwell—here she gets more intimate and wears her emotions on her sleeves.

Priestess, TBD LP & EP (spring/summer)
The most epic metal you’ll ever hear, capturing the essence of the genre and giving it a fresh feel.

SPACER, Apex EP, (summer)
Melodic garage rock that’s hard not to tap your feet along to.

Levitation Room, TBD LP (summer)
Psych music that is somehow both perfect for rockin’ out and meditating.

Spite FuXXX, TBD LP (summer/fall)
Fast, gritty, and unapologetic NYC punk rock.

Lowboy, Too Deep EP (fall)
Introspective indie rock with a kick of distortion.

Frankie & the Witch Fingers, TBD LP (fall)
Garage psych meant for crowd surfing, moshing, and making out.

Jose Boyer Jr., TBD LP (fall/winter)
The debut of the solo project from Las Rosas frontman, we’re expecting lots of catchy melodies, garage-y guitar, and dreamy lyrics.

Paint Fumes, Fresh Graves LP (winter)
Distorted garage with raspy rock ‘n’ roll vocals is something you need in your life whether you realize it or not.

T.V.O.D., TBD LP (winter)
From the bands Thick, Shadow Year, and Acid Dad—this band can be categorized as punk, but are really a genre all of their own.


GIFT, TBD LP (winter)
Trippy, introspective, and Grateful Dead-inspired. This NYC group will have you feeling wavey and spacey in the best way.

Steve Sciulli, The Singing Life of Plants pt. 2 LP, (TBD)
A Pittsburgh-based artist who uses plants in every way possible to create meditative music.