New Order’s “Be A Rebel” Is a Synth-Pop Protest Song

It’s been five years since we’ve gotten new music from New Order. Their new single “Be A Rebel” is getting fans extra psyched, but it’s also spreading a clear hopeful, perhaps even revolutionary, point.

The song is an upbeat track drenched in New Order’s classic synth sound. If it weren’t for the pandemic, it would be no surprise to hear “Be A Rebel” blasting on all the club dance floors. However, though its melody gets you moving and grooving, the lyrics send an important message of self-love.

The chorus sings optimistically, “take a look at yourself, you may not be the same as everyone else, you’re just different, that’s okay, we all follow our own way.” It explains the strength in embracing individuality and then goes on to say you need to ignore the hate, “and if you find that they won’t listen, then they’ve got nothing to say, so don’t get mad, don’t feel sad, be a rebel, not a devil.”

New Order, “Be A Rebel”

The overall moral of the song is an optimistic and empowering one—messaging desperately needed in the current chaos of 2020. New Order has basically created a synth-pop song that spreads the ideas of what protesters have been chanting about for months now. It’s a plea to embrace everyone’s differences, to not judge others by their differences, and to not let the hatred ignorant people spread smash your spirit or create more hatred inside of yourself.

The song was always intended to be released before New Order’s tour with Pet Shop Boys, which was pushed to next year because of the pandemic. But the band decided the world needed music and released it anyway.

Drummer Stephen Morris told NME that the song’s vibe is a continuation from their last album, 2015’s Music Complete, and is just a one-off single. He added, however, “we thought we’d start with one and then see how it goes”—so hopefully that means more is to come.