New Meme, Much Excite: Doge 2 is Here

Most memes don’t get a sequel. But most memes aren’t Doge.

The iconic meme, which became popular in 2013, is almost synonymous with internet-speak. It combines simplicity and absurdity with the general public’s obsession with dogs (and making them talk). Doge even has an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to it. But the one thing it didn’t have was a sequel.

Until the wee hours of Sunday morning, that is.

Popular Twitter account @Pogsire (now @Dogesire) asked his followers to bless him with pictures of their pets. User @ourbravestboy dutifully provided him a snap of his dog Caesar. Within minutes, @Dogesire and others pointed out the Doge resemblance and crowned Caesar “Doge 2.”

Other users began turning Caesar into a .png file and pasting classic multi-colored text around his skeptical face to complete the image. Soon enough, “Doge 2” was trending on Twitter. Realizations of the existence of a new Doge spurred memes of their own. Since the original Doge picture was taken in 2010, one Twitter user cited it as proof that we’re living in a “looping paradox.”

And just like that, a meme was born in real-time.

There was also some extra welcome news for those following the Doge 2 developments—the original Doge, Kabosu the Shiba Inu, is 14 years old and still kicking, according to @RiseFallNick.

The creation of Doge 2 was a beautiful late-night Twitter portrait of solidarity. In this wild world, we still agree that dogs—particularly silly looking ones with suspicious looks on their faces rule all. Most internet memes are fleeting, tied to the moment or event that spurred them, but memes like Doge are eternal. And now it finally has a proper successor.