Neighbor Lady Is BTRtoday's Top Artist for 2018

Neighbor Lady took BTRtoday by storm in 2018. Congrats you sweet and sultry indie rockers, you’re our most listened-to artist for the year. The Atlanta, GA quartet debut Maybe Later, released on the Friendship Fever release label in May, was packed with slow,  savory and sweet indie pop songs. Months later, Maybe Later still tugs at our heartstrings.

The BTRtoday staff was so taken with Neighbor Lady we twice featured them on BTR Live Studio, photographed their Brooklyn show and spun their tracks on podcasts like Ladies Skate Only and New Vibrations. They even topped our weekly artists back in June.

Scroll down for a look back at all the times they rocked our world in 2018.

Photos by Jeanette D. Moses (see full photoblog here)


Nieghbor Lady “Let It Bleed” for BTR Live Studio 


Neighbor Lady “Oh Honey” for BTR Live Studio 


Neighbor Lady “Oh Honey”