Nehiyawak Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. Nehiyawak, Starlight EP (Arts & Crafts)

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2. Foxwarren, s/t (Anti-/Arts & Crafts)
3. Grapetooth, s/t (Polyvinyl)
4. Rose Droll,Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
5. Julia Holter, Aviary (Domino)
6. Dead Can Dance, Dionysus (PIAS)
7. Savak, Beg Your Pardon (Ernest Jenning)
8. Arre Arre, A.T.T.A.C.K (PNKSLM)
9. Mutual Benefit, Thunder Follows The Light (Transgressive/PIAS)
10. Strange Ranger, How It All Went By EP (Tiny Engines)
11. Part Time, Spell #6 (Burger)
12. Chemtrails, Cuckoo Spit EP (PNKSLM)
13. Sunshine & The Rain, Beneath The Stars (Ernest Jenning)
14. Tomorrows Tulips, Harnessed To Flesh (Burger)
15. Swearin’, Fall Into The Sun (Merge)
16. The Beths, Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
17. Jasmin Kaset & Quichenight, Tuxedo (Self-Released)
18. Dan Mangan, More Or Less (Arts & Crafts)
19. Audiobooks, Now!…In A Minute (Heaveny/PIAS)
20. Surfbort, Friendship Music (Cult/Fat Possum)
21. Trace Mountains, A Partner To Lean On (Figure 2RC)
22. Spirit of the Beehive, Hypnic Jerks (Tiny Engines)
23. Doe Paoro, Soft Power (Anti-)
24. Dodos, Certainty Waves (Polyvinyl)
25. Two Medicine, Astropsychosis (Bella Union/PIAS)
26. Adrianne Lenker, abysskiss (Saddle Creek)
27. Lambda Celsius, Ana Echo And The Beauty Of Indifference (Scorpion Beach/Banana Tapes)
28. Hello June, s/t (Self-Released)
29. Kramies, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End (Hidden Shoal)
30. Lisa/Liza, Momentary Glance (Orindal)