My Year on Twitter

Twitter is still a magical place. Where else could you find a clip of a teenage girl flipping off an information warrior? On what other medium could political operatives block anyone who disagrees with them? What would Pitbull have done with his amazing Memorial Day artwork, better known as the most inspirational piece of propaganda in human history? And where else could I have transformed into a bikini model named REBEKAH?

Twitter is also amazing for exposing people who think they’re more clever than they are. Take Baked Alaska, the white supremacist troll who’s “comedy” actually got him kicked off the site (don’t worry, all his dumbest stuff is safe).

James Damore, the Google diversity memo guy tore apart his self-anointed significance with a few magical KKK tweets. Even Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks she can get away with truly stupid arithmetic.

Speaking of politics, you can’t mention Twitter without the president. It’s where we get our best look at the guy. It’s where he retweets racist videos, fakes magazine covers and is turned into New Yorker cartoons. If you don’t think Trump’s Twitter usage is presidential, that’s because it’s not—it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.

For all its flaws, Twitter is the content gift that keeps on giving. 2017 was a crazy year, but something tells me 2018 will be just as interesting.