Music News So Far in 2020

We’re only one single week into the new decade but it’s already hard to keep up with music news. Musicians are emotional people, so what did you expect? From pregnancy announcements, feminist benchmarks to disease and war—it’s already gearing up to be a really wild year.

Check out what you might’ve missed in music news so far below.

Justin Bieber has Lyme Disease

Things were looking positive when Bieber’s track “Yummy” came out in early January, but just this week he revealed he’s been battling Lyme Disease and “chronic mono.”

Lizzo is the first female Bonnaroo headliner

She’s killed it all of 2019 and it just keeps on going up for her.

Two new David Bowie records are announced

Fans were devastated around the world when we lost Bowie in 2016. Now, four years later, they can feel a little joy with unreleased material coming out.

Grimes is pregnant (And Elon Musk is the Dad)

It was already a shock when the experimental pop star Grimes started dating Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, now they’re having a baby and it’s even stranger.

Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale start a new band called Wasted Shirt

These eccentric rockers have joined forces to make 2020 the raddest.

Habibi Frontwoman Rahill Jamalifard gives powerful words on Iran

She gives both wise words on the totally fucked up situation Trump has gotten the world in and provides us with intimate photos of her life in Iran.

Bright Eyes join Instagram and tease a reunion

The beloved emo/indie sweethearts from the early 2000s might come back and fans could just cry from excitement. (Well, they’re emo fans so they’re probably already crying.)

All these underground musicians coming out with new music

We had to find the coolest bands and artists that the charts ignore to let you know what they have planned for this year.