Movies We're Most Excited For in 2021

Last year was weird for movies, mostly because we couldn’t see ’em.

Going to theaters pretty much stopped altogether during the pandemic, and while drive-ins and outdoor movies made a brief summer comeback, the whole situation just reminded us how much we miss sitting in a dark theater with a bunch of strangers as we house candy and popcorn by the handful, blissfully unaware of our droplet radius.

We won’t be able to hit theaters immediately, but hopefully by sometime this spring or summer or fall (or sometime this year, please, for the love of God) we’ll be able to see movies outside of our own homes again.

Fortunately, there are plenty of theatrical releases to look for this year that’ll be perfect for the movie theater experience. But then again we’d probably settle for watching most of these at home, too.

The Many Saints of Newark

Many Saints is the Sopranos prequel fans have been anxiously waiting years for. It stars James Gandolfini’s son Michael as a young Tony Soprano and chronicles his origin story as a young mafioso in North Jersey. There’s no trailer yet, but all the information about it has us excited—including the fact that it’s produced and written by David Chase, creator of the hit series. There will be plenty of familiar faces and characters, but it’s the unknown we’re looking most forward to here. You can watch a first look at a handsome young Soprano and hear some more info about the film above.


Dune was slated for a December release, but like most major blockbusters got pushed because of COVID-19. Now it’ll be part of Warner Bros. plan to simultaneously release its titles on HBO Max, much to director Denis Villenueve’s chagrin. Viewers will have to wait until at least October, which will be tough considering how monstrously epic the trailer was—hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy Dune in theaters by then.

Godzilla vs. Kong

The monster mashup nobody asked for. This will probably make a lot of money from schmucks like me tuning in out of pure curiosity and boredom. This feels like the type of flick where you can just shut your brain off and shove popcorn into your face for two hours until you need a nap. Let’s face it, we all miss that feeling. We don’t have a trailer yet, but there’s a boob-centric bean commercial that fans mistook for actual footage from the movies. We’ll take it for now, but if you can’t wait, there’s a first look clip above with some more info on the film.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Another Warner Bros. title with no definitive release date (the IMDb simply says “2021”) but an incredible trailer. Judas tells the story of revolutionary socialist Fred Hampton through the eyes of the man recruited by the FBI to betray him. Based on what we can see, it doesn’t seem like a kid gloves treatment either. This movie would’ve been perfect for 2020 but we’ll eagerly cut it on the moment it’s released. Seriously, watch the trailer if you haven’t.

The Suicide Squad

Are we actually looking forward to this because we hope it’ll be good? It’s hard to say. There’s almost no way it can be worse than its 2016 predecessor, but the very possibility is absolutely part of the reason you’ll watch this. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey wasn’t an abject disaster, so there’s reason to be hopeful here. Plus you get to see more of Jared Leto as the Joker, which will make Jared Leto happy. There’s a bunch of new characters too, but they don’t really matter as much as he does.

Mission: Impossible 7

No trailer here, and really no information outside of Tom Cruise wearing two masks on set and flipping out on the film crew after a COVID-19 protocol breach. You think that’d be enough to stay away, but hear us out—the last two Mission: Impossible movies have been good. Like, actually good. Yeah, it surprised us too. You won’t get an argument from us that Tom Cruise is probably past his prime and more than a little nuts, but he makes these work. This is most likely going to be a classic movie experience, just check out the stunt clip from the movie above!