Mountain Trails, Weekend Tours and Cider Catching This Week on BTRtoday

At BTRtoday, we go a long way for our content because you deserve the best. We’ll catch cider out of barrels and start email threads with alt-right celebs. We’ll hitch a ride on a band’s weekend tour across the Mid-Atlantic. And we’ll even run 171-kilometer European ultramarathons and finish in the top-10. Well, Cat Bradley will, anyway.

Check out the best of this week on BTRtoday.

The Trials of My Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc

Photo by Zoe Salt

My eighth-place finish at the pinnacle event of trail racing took determination I wasn’t sure I’d have.

Two Music Cities & A Punk Rock Native Sun

Photo by Elena Childers

From Pittsburgh to D.C., these gritty NYC rockers took me on a wild ride full of chaos and punk rock.

Owen Shroyer Ghosted Me

Screenshot via WarRoom’s YouTube page

After looking like he was ready to talk, Shroyer stopped getting back to me. It’s too bad. There’s a lot we could have talked about.

The Orchard-to-Glass Story Behind America’s Most Unique Hard Cider House

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Cider House

The Basque-inspired Brooklyn Cider House hopes to reignite America’s lost love affair with hard cider.

Ava Luna @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Photo by Nicki Ishmael

On Saturday, September 8, Ava Luna celebrated their new album, ‘Moon 2’, with a concert at Music Hall of Williamsburg with openers Katie Von Schleicher and L’Rain.