Money Hoarding, Migrant Workers and Basketball Poetry Today on Required Reading

Welcome to “Required Reading,” where BTRtoday writers share the best stories they didn’t write. The stories aren’t necessarily new. They’re just words that might our lives richer or were interesting, moving or simply enjoyable.

Joe Virgillito

Rich People Are Hoarding More Money Than Ever

Everyone knows the super rich have too much money. Turns out they have so much they “literally don’t know what to do with it.” According to this Axios report, despite record corporate earnings and substantial wealth increases, “large companies around the world are overwhelmingly and uniformly choosing not to reinvest much of it into their businesses. They’re hoarding it in cash and buying back stock.” The rich are getting richer at record pace for no reason other than greed.

We Might Want to Rethink the 2022 World Cup

We don’t hear much about the 2022 World Cup, mostly because it’s more than three years away. But Qatar won the tournament under suspicious circumstances, and is preparing for it with downright criminal ones. Some news outlets have reported on Qatar’s guest workers’ conditions before, but this time a German sports outlet spoke with some and snuck a camera in to document them.

“Fast Break” by Edward Hirsch

People love talking about NBA free agency and player legacies this time of year, and I’m certainly not above that myself. But whenever I think about basketball, I always come back to this poem by Edward Hirsch. I remember reading it for the first time completely awestruck at how his couplet form evokes the fast break he describes, almost as if it were in slow motion. It’s about the fleeting nature of life as much as it is a single play in a basketball game. And given the NBA season is wrapping up/finally over, it feels all the more appropriate to revisit.