Missing You Like Candy: 9 Highlights from Dessert Goals NYC 2019

Since launching in 2016, Dessert Goals has serviced the sweet tooth of over 20,000 dessert lovers in seven New York City and Los Angeles fragrant festivals. On March 23 and 24, party planner and festival creator extraordinaire Miraya Berke brought her confectionery convention to Sound Studios in Long Island City and it sweetened the Big Apple like caramel coating.

This year’s Party Animal theme inspired many vendors to create colorful, creature-inspired treats. The city’s most masterful candy and cake makers laid out a sweet spread that tested the limits of attendees’ sugar high tolerances. Scroll through the pictures below for our favorites.

Squish Marshmallows

Squish Marshmallows created adorable animal-shaped treats just for the fest and a special strawberry lemonade flavor that was light, airy and very satisfying.


Reimagining Vietnamese desserts, Kochin offered the incredible Coffee Bomb Dessert Tornado: flan, coffee ice cream, coffee jelly, crispy toffee, caramelized banana and a shot of Vietnamese coffee to drizzle over it all.

Posh Pretzels

Famous for their chocolate and candy-covered creations, Posh Pretzels brought special Nutella-stuffed pretzels to the festival.

Matcha n’ More

Festival-goers clamored for this highly Instagram-able matcha soft serve that brought 24k magic to their mouths.

Brooklyn Floss

Forget everything you know about cotton candy. Brooklyn Floss didn’t just spun sugar. They fashioned mind-bending flavors you’d never find at a ballpark or country fair like grapefruit, lavender vanilla and cardamom.

Rebecca’s Cake Pops

Perhaps the most adorable offering was the menagerie of animal-shaped cake pops from Rebecca’s Cake Pops in flavors like birthday cake and red velvet.

Moon Man

Moon Man, who have received a lot of press for their Southwest Asian desserts, served their famous Indonesian kue pancong (coconut pancakes) and steamed pandan cakes.


Cheesecake on a stick covered in rich chocolate? Baked made sure dreams really do come true.

Baked in Color

Baked In Color offered Pride-ready chocolate chip cookies, brownies and a hybrid they call “Better Than Cupcakes” which is brownie on the bottom and chocolate chip cookie on top.