Misogynists, Racists and Ableists, Oh My!

America’s sexual anxiety is more alive than ever. Pornstar Stormy Daniels, who is suing Donald Trump over their alleged affair, was arrested at an Ohio stripclub for allegedly shoving audience faces into her breasts. Good use of tax dollars, government.

Meanwhile, identity politics are still getting everyone hot and bothered. A comedian announced her retirement from self-deprecating comedy and more misogynists voiced their disapproval at her lack of self-deprecating punchlines. And a new study shows white extinction anxiety is real. As if we needed more proof that America is full of bigots.

If living in the U.S. right now is getting you down and you have no energy left, read our fitness writer’s guide to combating fatigue. And if you’re in Minnesota or Washington D.C., there are still two more days of the Independent Venue Week festival, happening in cities across the country. For a full list of shows happening tonight and tomorrow, check out the schedule.

Read on for our story picks of the week.

If Nanette Makes You Uncomfortable, Good

Via Netflix

I wrote about Hannah Gadsby’s viral Netflix stand-up special Nanette, in which she announced her retirement from comedy. “By stepping outside of the audience’s comfort zone, she’s making the audience reckon with its complicity in silencing survivors.”

Joan As Police Woman

Photo by Jeanette D. Moses

Our photographer caught one of BTRtoday’s top played artists at a special set in the East Village. Check out more photos from the event.

Data Shows White Extinction Anxiety Is Real

“We know whites are afraid of declining status. But say this stuff out loud and you’ll get tut-tutted by legacy media and “upstanding” political types obsessed with both sides-ism and bemoaning identity politics.”

Finally, The Nude Party Record Release Show

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Our music writer Elena Childers let loose with “today’s party gods of rock & roll,” The Nude Party. “All six band members’ parents were on hand for the mischief in the VIP section.” There was even a magician. Read her account and listen to their self-titled debut full-length album.

L.A. Salami Keeps It Loose

Photo by David Richardson

After she recovered from the Nude Party, Childers spoke with U.K. musician L.A. Salami about his latest release, City of Bookmakers. Listen to the full interview with L.A. Salami on The Music Meetup podcast.

Sorry Green Friends, Your Plastic Straw Ban is Misguided

Cities like Seattle and New York are banning plastic straws to save the environment, as is Starbucks. They say people with disabilities can ask for a medical exemption to use the utensil. But disability activists like Penny Pepper are offended.