Miley’s New Album Is Dumb And Trump Fans Want Her Out of America

Is it a new pop album or a target for political trolling?

Miley Cyrus vowed to leave the country if Trump became president (a vow she took back) and now rightwing nuts are commenting on her Facebook pissed that she hasn’t followed through.

Her new album Younger Now, is meant to be a return to her country music roots, but it’s just a bland pop album. It’s the kind of music you’d hear during the end credits of some random Hollywood rom-com where Justin Timberlake makes Mila Kunis’ dreams come true. (So, yeah, like Friends With Benefits…)

It’s all pretty upsetting, since she has great ties to good country music—her godmother Dolly Parton sings on the album. The potential was there but the album is just bleh.

Still, I can see that the comments on her Facebook post announcing its release go too far.

Trump supporters flood the post advocating for her to leave the country.

Facebook commenter Buffy Armstrong wrote, “it’s okay, you CAN abandon America for CANada. You won’t be comfortable here for many years, as we take this country back from the paws of Socialists/Communists.”

Julie Greg Brenemen comments, “no one cares what you have to say you said you hollywierd spoiled rotten brat. Just leave you got nothing worth listening to.” And Sigfrieda G. Parmesan wrote, “You held your breath and stomped your feet and no one cared. Now please follow thru on your promise to leave. No one cares what you think you have for America.”

Just because she wrote an album for people who also tweet about their pumpkin spice lattes, doesn’t mean she should be exiled. If that were the criteria to kick someone out the country, then America wouldn’t even have their own pop musicians because they would all be sent to Canada.

Some Miley fans come to her defense, like Beverley Gooch, who responded to one negative comment with, “Miley was going through life like all of us do. Sometimes you do things that you regret or don’t, but I think she is a woman that anyone can look up too.”

I know Trump says a lot of dumb stuff on Twitter, but when did dumb pop music become an outlet for rightwing hostility?

Can’t they just stick to football?