Migrant Family Separation: Where to Donate and Demonstrate

Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday ending migrant family separation, but the problem is far from over. According to reports, more than 2,000 children already separated from their parents will not be reunited anytime soon. They’ve been spread to foster homes across the country while their parents are in U.S. custody. And while separation will no longer continue, families will still be detained and held in similar conditions near the border.

With the crisis ongoing, here’s are some things you can do to help.


RAICES is the largest immigrant nonprofit in Texas, and has already raised $9 million on Facebook to provide low-cost legal services to detainees. ActBlue is spreading donations amongst 14 different organizations working to protect separated children. And The Texas Tribune has published a more comprehensive, localized list of organizations doing the same.

Call Your Representatives

It’s a common theme in the Trump era because it works. Get in touch with your elected officials and express your displeasure with the policy. Unsure of what exactly to say or who your representative is? Let the ACLU take care of that for you.


#KeepFamiliesTogether rallies will be held across the country on June 30th. Visit MoveOn.org to find the march nearest you. And if there isn’t one close enough, create one.

Harass ICE Employees, Trump Administration Officials, and Anyone Involved With This Heinous Human Rights Violation

Disclaimer: the items above are more important than this.

That said, abandoning civility works. White House reporters actually got combative and further exposed the Trump administration’s depravity and hypocrisy around the issue. DSA members chanted Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant in D.C. Splinter published White House adviser/walking Rogaine ad Stephen Miller’s cell phone number.

This administration and their ilk feed on the antiquated idea of civility. It’s allowed conservatives to pollute political discourse with racist, nationalist ideology and portray it as harmless differing opinions. It’s the reason the New York Times and other legacy publications keep clinging to both sides-ism and hiring dolts like Bari Weiss. If this week has proved anything, it’s that the time for political civility is over.