Midterms, Memes & Late Night Music This Week on BTRtoday

It’s November and there are only so many ways to cope with the dark and the cold. Catching a show and staying up all night helps. Scrolling through memes and talking to your governor helps, too. And maybe if you’re feeling low you could think about taking a break from drinking.

Too far with that last one? No worries. We covered all that for you and more this week on BTRtoday.

Up All Night with Shannon & The Clams in Brooklyn

My feet may still be sore from dancing and I hardly have a voice, but it was totally worth it.

What Sober October Taught Me

Even for a professional athlete, Joe Rogan’s month-long sobriety challenge was a challenge and a revelation.

You Need “Thank U, Next” Memes In Your Life

No song is truly a smash until the internet turns it into a meme.

Can Phil Murphy Repair New Jersey’s Broken Rail System?

After meeting New Jersey’s governor at the Hoboken train station, I’m wondering if he can make the trains run on time.

Progress for Progressives in 2018 Midterms

Despite high profile losses, Democrats should feel good about the future.

5 Amazing Breakfasts From Around the World

One of these traditional morning meals from afar might inspire you to book a flight landing in the early morning.