Michael Bennet: Unknown 2020 Dems

Twenty candidates will participate in the first Democratic primary debates on Wednesday and Thursday. But outside the top contenders, most candidates are complete mysteries. BTRtoday takes a brief look at the Unknown Dems of the 2020 primary.

Michael Bennet, 56, Senator from Colorado

Get this—another white, middle-aged moderate. Bennet’s unflinching blandness is his main pitch to Democratic primary voters. He’s tried standing out by punching in all directions, criticizing Joe Biden’s touchiness and condemning Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “anti-semitic” statements back in April. Bennet’s touted his education record as head of Denver public schools, which improved enrollment and test scores but created discord among some teachers, families and displaced students when he closed Manual High School.

Policy-wise, Bennet is about as party establishment as it gets, with a few progressive leanings sprinkled in. He’s in favor of increasing the defense budget, expanding the Affordable Care Act’s coverage, and “raising the minimum wage, but not to specific figure.” Bennet proclaims his experience and success in a “purple state,” but states that as president he’d seek to eliminate the Electoral College.

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