Men’s Rights Activists Target Statues, Superheroes

A New York City sculptor made a splash when he planted a statue of a dog peeing on the “Fearless Girl” statue this week.

The artist, Alex Gardega, told NBC News he created “Sketchy Dog” in solidarity with “Charging Bull” creator Arturo Di Modica. The latter pitched his own fit when the girl’s presence challenged his work’s intentions.

In a similar display of dude rage, beta male moviegoers super-freaked last week when The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced a women-only screening of Wonder Woman.

The timing of “Sketchy Dog” and the Wonder Woman tantrum could not be more apt. A tiny dog urinating on a girl perfectly illustrates the impotent rage of comic book bros excluded from a movie screening.

Entitled fanboys cried foul when they were excluded from a comic book movie. Luckily for them, one man dared strike a blow for men’s movie going rights. Right-wing journalist Stephen Miller not only bought a ticket, he posted his courageous feat on Twitter. His brave act of heroism sparked a lively and productive conversation, with comments including social media gems like equating the injustice with racist “separate but equal” laws.

For his part, Gardega assured NBC News reporters he’s “not anti-feminist” by making a dog pee on a young girl. He just wanted to say that women can take up all the space they want as long as they don’t impinge on a man or his work. “There is plenty of room for ‘Fearless Girl,’ he said. “It just interferes with another artist’s work/vision.”

As with Wonder Woman. There is plenty of room for her, so long as dozens of male superheroes came first and women don’t keep her to themselves.