Memeing Trump's Second Impeachment

Wouldn’t you know it, Donald Trump got impeached again. By now it’s old news—it’s still an open question whether or not the Senate will convict him, and with President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration just two days away, the vote is mostly symbolic, anyway. But symbolism can be significant—impeaching Trump a second time and actually convicting him would set a precedent that inciting a mob riot against the seat of U.S. democracy isn’t a very cool thing to do. Also it would void Trump’s presidential pension and make him ineligible to ever serve as president again. Even if everything else is a last-minute nothingburger, that’s symbolism we can get behind.

Getting impeached for a second time also means something else: jokes, and way too many of ’em. Some of them (most of them) are extremely corny, but sometimes that’s the best that comes out after all this exhaustion and distress. You know what? We’ll take it. Shout out to the memers working overtime and the thousands upon thousands of Twitter posters whose impeachment jokes we didn’t include here. We see you.