Megyn Kelly’s Twitter Meltdown

Some people are taking the election results better than others. Cities across the country saw widespread celebrations when major news networks called the presidential race for Joe Biden.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is handling things a little differently.

Kelly was in full meltdown mode all weekend, using Twitter to air her grievances against the libs, Biden and anyone else in her path. The most coherent version of her argument seemed to be a pretty typical conservative complaint: that right wingers are marginalized for their beliefs. It’s a straightforward argument, even if ignores that conservatives have done nothing but troll liberals for the past several years, making fun of their every reaction to Donald Trump’s inane authoritarianism. But Kelly can’t even make the argument cleanly. Her examples, if you can even call them that, devolve quickly into broad generalizations and stereotypes that reduce her and so many other conservative commentators to plain old whining.

Kelly crows at the suggestion her complaints are a byproduct of her white identity, but the proof is in the pudding. Crying persecution is the only thing she did well as a famous TV anchor. Anything more than grousing about Santa’s whiteness was beyond her purview. Even her cringeworthy NBC talk show rehabilitation abruptly ended when she couldn’t help but wonder aloud what the heck was so racist about wearing blackface on Halloween.

Kelly’s current anger at Biden’s victory is more performative than it is righteous, of course. After skewering the left for years, she and other right wing media types have quickly reverted back to crying persecution. It didn’t sell nearly as well when Trump was in office not getting things done, but the moment he’s pushed out, the fix is back in. Conservatives are now the subjugated minority, clowned and demonized for their beliefs while the Democrats hem and haw about racism, white supremacy, misogyny, and state violence—things that Trump actually weaponized. And Kelly isn’t even the best one at arguing it.

Ben Shapiro is the master of grievance posting, forging bad faith arguments and abject stupidity into chud media god status. He’s built his massive online audience through performative ignorance. But this is laughably lazy even for him. It’s fair enough to criticize Biden’s “unity” messaging as premature—how can one heal without a full accounting of wounds?—but both Kelly and Shapiro are using it as proof of double standards they’d never dream of applying to themselves or anyone who identifies with them. Shapiro weaving Michelle Obama into his whinge makes it all the more obvious—when making a dumb argument, mention a boogeyman-like figure to really hammer your bullshit point home.

The days and weeks ahead are uncertain, but right wing media’s pre-Trump grudge mode is all too familiar. The conservative oppression olympics have officially begun, and it’s a mad dash to the medal stand.


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