Me, An Intellectual: Fleetwood Mac

Not only has Fleetwood Mac’s band drama made headlines, they’ve also found their music back on the pop charts. How did this all happen in 2018 with a band who was a hit way back in the ‘70s? If you’re a millennial then you’ll understand; it was all because of a meme.

A meme went viral this month of a dance team at Alcorn State University dancing with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” dubbed over it. The meme simply read, “’Fleetwood Mac’s music is so boring, you can’t even dance to them.’ Me, an intellectual:” and showed the girls getting down.

Now, Fleetwood Mac has been saved from being purely a band in the rock ‘n’ roll history books.

The original tweet that the meme went out in got over 140,000 retweets and over 335,000 likes. Since its explosion, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” made the pop charts again more than 40 years after it’s release. On April 5, 2018 “Dreams” made Billboard’s “Top 20 Hot Rock Songs” and had a 36 percent surge in downloads for the track.

This isn’t the first time the public has shown its love for this song—“Dreams” was at the top of Billboard’s “Hot 100” back in 1977 for an entire week and has been the band’s only #1 song. The album Rumors eventually topped the charts that same year.

The group also got their name back in current pop culture news last year when Harry Styles covered “The Chain.” But Styles didn’t have the power to give Fleetwood Mac the cover story material that this meme provided.

Now, in 2018, the song is back and Fleetwood Mac is making waves.

The meme has been making rounds through social media for a little over a month now, and it’s not only put them back on the charts, since then Fleetwood Mac has also fired longtime guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and confirmed their 2018 Rumors of Fleetwood Mac tour.

The band was probably planning on doing all of this whether the mass public cared or not (I mean, they still have millions of fans), but maybe they’re extremely smart and using this new found popularity-due-to-meme to their advantage.

Update: Orignal tweet of the meme has been deleted, but here’s MTV’s tweet of it: