Max Pain & The Groovies Takeover BTRtoday's Instagram

As a responsible music media outlet does, us adults here at BTRtoday have allowed some of our favorite party boys/ psych rockers Max Pain & The Groovies to kidnap our resident music journalist Elena Childers to their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ve also decided here at BTRtoday to allow these five booze-enthusiasts, music crazed madmen to have control over our Instagram for an entire day. Isnt that a great idea?

On Friday, October 18, Max Pain & The Groovies will be playing their yearly Halloween show at Urban Lounge where mayhem tends to ensue. For that entire day, the band will be doing whatever the band wants on our Instagram—and there are no rules.

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Nobody knows what’ll happen. But if we know Max Pain & The Groovies, this isn’t going to be wholesome content.  So, follow @btrtoday and @maxpainandthegroovies on Instagram to see what kind of destruction goes down on Oct. 18.

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