Matt LeBlanc Memes are the Best Part of the 'Friends' Reunion

Friends is a show that draws both love and ire. When HBO Max finally released its long-awaited reunion show, die-hards went wild and everyone else, well … didn’t much care. It was another chance to get some jokes in or off-handedly compare it to Seinfeld. A show this polarizing 20 years after ending is going to make internet waves somehow.

Friends: The Reunion received positive reviews overall. It’s a genuine success as far as prestige television reunions go. But the best thing it created were the Matt LeBlanc memes that followed.

One glance at LeBlanc (aka Joey Tribbiani) with his arms folded and wearing a black striped short sleeve button down sent Irish Twitter into a frenzy. It turns out pretty much every single Irish person knows someone who looks like that, dresses like that, and sits like that. And most of them are dads or uncles.

After the Irish had their fun, though, there was a crystallizing moment. It turns out most people have a dad or uncle that sits and looks like this. The clothes might be particularly Irish, but the pose and general affect is universal dadcore. That’s right—53-year-old Matt LeBlanc simply looks like a dad, which makes sense, because he is one. And that’s perfectly fine with us.

Irish Twitter deserves full credit for kicking off the memes and making them their own. (There’s a really great thread of them right here.) But just in case you’re not Irish or don’t get the jokes, we’ve got a bunch more for you. Matt LeBlanc is the meme that keeps on giving, mostly because we can all think of a random frustrated dad moment. It just works.