Marjorie Taylor Greene Sucks

Over time, people usually let you know exactly who they are. That was Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s strategy from the jump—her 2020 congressional campaign was centered around full-fledged Trump love, QAnon, and stopping socialism in America. She told voters exactly who she was, and the more time she spends in the spotlight, the more we all see of it.

Above is a video of Greene harassing gun control activist and Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg. After Hogg crosses the street, Greene faces the camera and claims he’s funded by George Soros and wonders why a gun-owning American citizen can’t get facetime with lawmakers but Hogg can.

Harassing Hogg is arguably the most unhinged we’ve seen Greene, but it’s just another bullet point on the list. She’s spread misinformation so frequently, particularly surrounding the 2020 election, that CNN started a running list to keep track of her bullshit. Greene made waves her first day in office when she wore a mask emblazoned with the words “Trump Won,” and was one of the most vocal advocates for leniency toward Capitol rioters. She was also captured on video refusing to wear a mask while sheltering in place with other lawmakers during the riot. And when Trump was impeached for inciting the insurrection, Greene wore a mask during the House vote that read “censored” in all caps as she caped for the president and denounced Democrats.

Greene’s stupidity doesn’t stop there. One day after Joe Biden’s inauguration, she filed articles of impeachment against him. And last night, CNN reported that Greene posted Facebook comments endorsing school shooting conspiracies as well as the execution of prominent Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. It’s not exactly a big leap for a lawmaker who openly courted the QAnon vote, but given the fact that Green is now in Congress defying metal detectors and wearing masks with far right rallying cries, it’s a bit shocking.

For all her inanity, though Greene isn’t exactly an outlier. If anything, she’s a prototype of what some Republican lawmakers might look like in the post-Trump years: shameless unhinged QAnon-adjacent supplicants whose primary goal is to own the libs. It’s not a particularly original playbook—really, it’s just following in Trump’s footsteps, pledging undying loyalty to him, and asking fewer questions along the road to Washington. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work to get Greene the attention she so desperately seeks. In a Republican party that seems increasingly disinterested in democracy and reality, it might just be the winning ticket.