Make Black Friday Your Bitch With This High Energy Playlist

You might save tons of money shopping on Black Friday, but at what cost to your dignity?

The shopping holiday has gotten absolutely insane. People trample and fight each other for merchandise, camp outside stores in freezing weather and rush aisles to catch the best deals. It’s absolute pandemonium.

So, if you’re one of those brave people hitting the stores on Black Friday, this a playlist of songs will keep your adrenaline going strong during your shopping spree. Turn up these rockin’ tunes and race to get that cheap Bluetooth speaker or whatever.


The Hives “Good Samaritan”

Please, just remember to be a good Samaritan when you’re about to shove that 12-year-old out of the way to get to the iPhones.


ShitKid “RoMaNcE”

Black Friday chaos is your chance to get something romantic for your sweetheart.


Gnarcissist “Suffocate”

I avoid Black Friday like the plague. Just seeing all those crowds of people makes me feel like I’m suffocating—but maybe some people like that.


Flasyd “I Hate You”

And feel free to scream “I hate you” at anyone who snatches the last bargain-priced LED TV from the shelves.


PUP “Sibling Rivalry”

Recruit your siblings to help you race to your top shopping list item.


YAASSS “Banger”

But don’t forget that you’re giving in to this monster called capitalism.


IDLES “Never Fight A Man With A Perm”

And choose who you fight wisely.


The Mystery Lights “Thick Skin”

But stay strong and don’t let anybody keep you down.


GRLwood “I’m Yer Dad”

Your dad needs that fancy cooler to keep his beers cold, so run and get it quick.


Haiku Hands “Not About You”

And again, remember, this isn’t about you, it’s about the control capitalism has on the people.


Thick “Your Mom”

I’m sure you’ll make your mom proud, though.


Caroline Rose “Money”

And Black Friday is definitely all about the money.


Ty Segall “Taste”

Can you taste those savings yet?


Oh Sees “Gholü”

This song is like a pure shot of adrenaline. (But also, warning about the music video—even though it’s claymation, it’s very gory and not suitable for children…)


Amyl & The Sniffers “Got You”

I hope you succeed and get everything you wanted. Happy Black Friday.