Mad Tsai's "Boy Bi" Is Pride Month's Bisexual Anthem

Whatever your sexual preference is, you need to know Mad Tsai.

The whole story started in December 2020 when a Gen-Zer made a music video at home. The musician, Mad Tsai, wrote a song about how confusing it felt to be bisexual and called it “Boy Bi.”

The original video is a recording of Tsai singing and dancing in his room as the lyrics appear for viewers to sing along. “Boy Bi” is all about the struggle of trying to figure out how to blossom with your bisexuality. As Tsai put it, “it sucks sometimes to be right in the between, I’m too gay for girls, too straight to be a drag queen.”

On May 23, Tsai released the official music video for “Boy Bi” and the internet is loving it. The expertly produced video shows Tsai crushing between the male and female lead in the play he is auditioning for. It’s catchy, bubbly, playful, and still very relatable.

Already viral on TikTok, “Boy Bi” the perfect anthem for any bisexual—veteran or baby—especially coming into Pride Month. The epic pop song is an ear wormer and will have you singing along for the rest of the day. Don’t be surprised if you see every bisexual screaming this from the top of their lungs while climbing lampposts in the middle of a Pride parade.

“Boy Bi” isn’t the first time Tsai wrote a song about his sexuality—his TikTok features many clips of songs he’s written. In the summer of 2020, he wrote a short song about coming out. He wrote it for his parents, in the comments saying he hadn’t come out to them yet, but was starting to feel more confident about his sexuality and felt he’d be ready to soon.


I wrote a song about coming out to my parents as #bisexual ??️‍?✨ #fyp#foryou#foryoupage#viral#lgbt#pride#bi#gay#music#songwriter#originalsong#cute

♬ original sound – mad tsai

The song ends by saying it’s for anyone who feels alone when trying to come out. It encourages them to listen to this song to give them strength. He even has another video featuring him coming out to his sister as bisexual, with the added plot twist of her also coming out to him as bisexual. He even has a two-part TikTok about the rom-com inspired daydreams that play in his head as a bisexual.


wrote a song about being a hopeless bisexual mess who cant get a date ? #fyp#foryou#foryoupage#viral#music#songwriter#originalsong#bi#lgbt#gay#singer

♬ things i wish that happened by mad – mad tsai

Now, since “Boy Bi” has been professionally recorded and released and still growing in popularity, Tsai has come out to his parents. He even put the process on TikTok for his fans to see. With a sigh of relief, it shows Tsai and his mother listening to “Boy Bi” and hugging. So everything turned out pretty good for Tsai.


so I just came out to my mom as bi with my song? (link in bio for the song) #fyp#foryou#foryoupage#viral#originalsong#songwriter#newmusic#bi#lgbt#gay

♬ Boy Bi – Mad Tsai

As a strong ally to anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, Mad Tsai is the perfect artist to create an anthem for this year’s Pride Month, and “Boy Bi” appears to unofficially be just that.