Lou Dobbs Says Everything’s the Deep State

As Trump’s approval rating and polling numbers catch up to his abysmal COVID-19 performance, his media lackeys have less and less to work with. Some, like Sean Hannity, have openly broken with him on masks, while Tucker Carlson fires up the race war talk.

Lou Dobbs is a little too boomerific for that, though. To him, Trump’s only failing because of the Deep State.

As the clip above shows, the Trump era Deep State—which was originally used to refer to intelligence community officials and Obama holdovers trying to take down Trump—knows no bounds. It includes the Supreme Court, whose ruling allowing the Southern District of New York access to Trump’s financial statement was so anti-Trump they’re surely part of the cabal working to destroy the president.

Trump apologists have been crying about the Deep State to explain the president’s shortcomings since he took office. When the president is failing this badly, though, it sounds dumb to say that everything lined up against him—which is to say, everything—is a Deep State plot. Everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to “Marxist” Black Lives Matter protests to Democratic governors listening to health experts is part of a sinister plot to destroy him. And now the Supreme Court, despite its two Trump appointees, is in on it as well.

Of course the Deep State argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny (and never has). Even the most generous interpretation of it—that people within the government and intelligence communities deem Trump a threat and are actively working against him—falls apart when you consider for just one second how deeply unpopular the president is, especially right now. America must not really have more than 130,000 COVID-19 deaths and hasn’t handled the pandemic brutally enough definitely because of the Deep State. Maybe it can fuzzily explain away some bureaucratic decisions or even the Democrats impeaching him, but it can’t account for why the president’s fucking terrible at his job.

Dobbs has been one of Trump’s most shameless apologists for years. He openly fawns over the president on air, complimenting his patriotism. He’s also aired and elevated white supremacist groups and QAnon conspiracy theorists, and likely is one himself. His show Lou Dobbs Tonight is like a dumbed-down version of Tucker Carlson made for Boomers who can’t stay up late enough to watch him.

Ironically enough, Trump himself took to Twitter this morning to promote Dobbs’ forthcoming book The Trump Century: How Our President Changed The Course of History Forever—which Dobbs will surely say is an unbiased, critical look about how Trump altered the American political landscape. As long as anchors like Dobbs are on the case and fumbling over themselves to lick the president’s boots, the Deep State will plague us forever.