Looking Back At Some of the First Viral Videos

YouTube is a household name today. But remember its early days of low-quality images, choppy editing and (mostly) wholesome humor? We sure do.

For better or worse, millennials grew up with YouTube. These viral videos not only shaped the way the world views the internet, but an entire generation.

I know nowadays we fall into YouTube black holes on our phones while lying in bed at 2 a.m. and it’s usually to conspiracy theory videos, cooking videos or whatever bizarre world we happen to fall upon. But let’s go back to those days where you had to share the house computer with everyone else in the family and you sat in front of a giant desktop, AIM your friends to these videos that were mind-blowing at the time.

Numa Numa (2006)

Who can forget this guy letting it all out to the popular O-Zone song “Dragostea Din Tei” without even getting out of his desk chair?


The Llama Song (2006)

This song was probably one of the first to sing about something that makes zero sense—the internet has loved doing that ever since.


The Kitty Cat Dance (2007)

The pioneer of cat videos helped birth the internet’s ongoing feline obsession.


Liam Kyle Sullivan “Shoes” (2007)

Nobody could go shopping or even say the word shoes without doing it in the key of this song.


Charlie Bit Me (2007)

This is the cutest and maybe most wholesome video to have ever gone viral.


Candy Mountain (2008)

This one really brought up the animation game for the Internet. Still holds up in strangeness and awesomeness.


End of Ze World (2008)

This classic is one millennials will never forget—the creators even made a sequel to it just last year.


David After The Dentist (2009)

Another wholesome one—the millennials version of “this is your brain on drugs.


Ok Go “Here It Goes” (2009)

Even if you didn’t like this early 2000s indie band, you couldn’t stop watching this treadmill music video.


Double Rainbow (2010)

This reaction to a double rainbow was so popular that the internet turned it into a song, which also went viral.


Group X “I Just Want Bang Bang Bang” (2011)

Every kid who watched this on the internet definitely felt like they were being bad and, of course, IMed it to all their friends.