Looking Back at a Huge Year

Someone once told me that each year goes by faster than the last. I can say with certainty that 2018 proved them right. This year of running, racing and writing for BTRtoday flew by but I can’t complain. Life is pretty good.

Here are a few of my favorite columns from 2018.


Get Your Stomach in Shape for Training

Inspired by Colorado Springs’ Mad Pooper, I explored how misbehaving bowels interfere with exercise and offer tips on preventing the runs. A good read for anyone who thinks toilet paper is a crucial piece of athletic equipment.


Surprise! Women Need Carbs

Following my boyfriend into a low carb lifestyle during the 2018 running season left me overtrained, deficient and chronically fatigued. But it’s not his fault. w=Who knew that women need to eat differently than men? The most significant difference we should see in diet between two male and female, equally active individuals? Carbs carbs carbs. Check out the article above to find out.


Setting Ego Aside to Find Adventure in The Swiss Alps

It’s no secret that my 2018 season was a little bit of a bust regarding performance. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn a whole lot. In this article, I talk about my never-ending battle ego, and how I overcame it at the 2018 Eiger Ultra Trail.


How Can We Get More Women In Trail Running

Ultra trail running is changing for the better. More women are hitting the mountains instead of the treadmill for exercise. Unfortunately, there’s still a considerable gender gap at the start line of most races.


The Trials of My Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc

The first words out of my mouth after crossing the finish line of UTMB were “that was the best and worst day of my life.” I fought hard and suffered more than I thought possible. In this race report, I describe the highest highs, and lowest lows I’ve ever had in a race to salvage a podium position and cross the finish line as first American.


From Birth to a 100-Mile Race in Six Months

My friend Erin Shaw ran one of the most famously rugged 100-mile races in the US six-months postpartum. That meant breastfeeding at aid stations, running with a pump for the duration of the race, training hard as a new mother and crossing the finish line in 30 hours and 47 minutes. Certified badassery for sure!


What Sober October Taught Me

Following Joe Rogan’s lead, I gave up alcohol for a month and came out with a six-pack. Sober October was a fun challenge that I will commit to annually from 2018 on. In fact, I think I’m going to double up with two dry months in 2019, kicking it off with a No Drink January. If you are considering giving up booze for a little while, check out this article on what Sober October taught me.