Logan Paul Still Sucks

Logan Paul is back and as bad as ever.

The disgraced YouTuber returned from his vlogging hiatus earlier this month, and boy oh boy has it been a shitshow. He started with a Castaway-esque montage and complaining that YouTube screwed with his earnings. Then he tasered two dead rats during a vlog, prompting PETA’s rage and causing YouTube to temporarily suspend Paul’s advertising revenue.

While the outrage is new, the antics are anything but. His vlogs feature the same old obnoxious behavior we’ve come to expect from Paul. He disrupts flea markets, fake punches friends and plugs merchandise. While the merchandise promotion has felt extra desperate in the wake of his financial issues, his feud with fellow YouTuber KSI just feels weird.

Aside from paying it lip service in his first vlog back, he hasn’t discussed any issues related to suicide or mental illness, nor indicated plans to use his platform for these or any other causes. So far, Paul seems intent on churning out the same mind-numbing (and occasionally offensive) content as before, albeit with more annoying restrictions. During his Feb. 12 vlog, he received a message from his legal team telling him a certain skit wasn’t suitable for all viewers and proceeded to complain about being “cut” and creatively “stifled.”

That same day, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said Paul doesn’t deserve to be banned from the platform. The censorship argument holds water here. YouTube can even say it’s levied its next-harshest punishment—cutting advertising revenue is about as lethal as it gets to a professional vlogger, anyway. But while Paul may not deserve to be blacklisted based on this incident alone, it’s worth considering a ban given the abuse of his platform.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Paul said that he’s spoken with parents of children who watch his vlogs. Despite clear evidence that kids watch his videos, he claims his humor and content is designed for people his own age (Paul is 22). “I am my own demographic,” he tells Michael Strahan, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. There aren’t swaths of early-20-somethings clamoring over Paul’s daily videos and flocking to his online shop for new merchandise.

The truth is that Paul targets young, impressionable viewers. He claims his YouTube channel is about “living different” and “being yourself,” but for Paul that just means being an ass in public. It doesn’t matter who he offends. He only faces consequences for his actions when someone confronts him in public. And no matter what he says, he appears to take YouTube and internet backlash more seriously than the issue that got him in trouble in the first place.

Maybe he’s just a confused 22-year-old kid struggling to find the right response to adversity. But if he’s just going to use his platform to continue the same tired antics that got him in trouble in the first place, maybe he deserves to have that platform taken away.