Loeffler’s Latest Ad is Peak Bullsh*t

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is a woman of the people. She’s a “business mind,” someone who knows not only how to write and sign paychecks, but also understands the economic stress and anxiety of “waiting on that paycheck” to arrive.

At least that’s what her latest campaign ad wants you to believe.

What Loeffler’s ad fails to mention, however, is that she’s worth $500 million. She’s the opposite of economically stressed. And Loeffler doesn’t care much about anyone else’s money, either—back in February, she and another Republican senator were investigated for selling off millions of dollars in stock following a coronavirus briefing. Her first instinct upon learning about how bad the virus might be wasn’t to warn her constituents or alert the media—it was to protect her fortune.

Political ads are regularly full of outright bullshit, and with all the scrutiny on the Georgia Senate runoffs, the absurdity meter has been cranked past its breaking point. Loeffler’s attacks on Warnock have been starkly partisan, parsing sermons he’s given to portray them as anti-military and anti-American. She’s a hair away from calling Warnock a communist, which would be fitting, since that charge was affixed to another famous pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Loeffler is full of it up to her eyeballs. Still, you can’t expect much more from someone who has no campaign platform beyond agreeing with and placating a lame duck Donald Trump. Loeffler and fellow Republican Senate candidate David Perdue were recorded saying they viewed Trump as a political liability, but have nevertheless spent most of their time since Election Day peddling the president’s election fraud conspiracies and attacking Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who’s also a Republican.

Loeffler and Perdue have been forced to run their runoff campaigns of a referendum on Trumpism, which just lost resoundingly. But here’s the thing—it might win. Republicans need just one of these two zeroes to prevail to retain Senate control. They’re pulling out all the stops to get there, even lies as brazen as saying the rich lady knows exactly what it’s like to be poor.