Listen to Freddie Mercury This Thanksgiving Week for Strength

Whether you like the holiday or not,  Thanksgiving is kind of offensive. The celebratory nature of the annual feast helps suppress the history of white immigrants massacring American natives. That said, Thanksgiving’s meaning has developed over the years. For many, it’s a chance to visit family and for some, it might even serve as an opportunity to educate themselves on the real history of the holiday.

Not everyone thinks the same in a family, though. Arguments around Thanksgiving can be hard to avoid, even when dining virtually. In fact, a virtual Thanksgiving dinner could make the dramatic family arguments even more of an issue. After all, it’s easier to yell at a face on a screen than in person.

That’s why we at BTRtoday suggest turning to a perhaps unexpected source for any needed inspiration or strength during this particular holiday season: Freddie Mercury. Today makes it 29 years since his passing and we’re still not over it. Plus, this week is also the anniversary of when he gathered the strength to announce to the world he had AIDS. So, harness the energy of this brilliant and brave musician to help you power through the week and, when needed, have difficult conversations.

Queen hits like “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” can give you that extra push of encouragement into that discussion with your stubborn aunt about how racism is systemically ingrained in American culture and why we need to unlearn it. Or turn up “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Tie Your Mother Down” to conjure up the passion necessary to help convey to your parents the importance of being an LGBTQ+ ally. And if you actually change some minds or convince someone to educate themselves, you know what to blast: “We Are the Champions.”

Here a few live clips below to get you started.

Queen ”Bohemian Rhapsody” live at Rock Montreal (1981)


Queen ”Another One Bites the Dust” Live in Buenos Aire (1981)


Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now” live (1978)