Let Tony Soprano Provide Your Summer Style Guide

For six glorious seasons, Tony Soprano was the king of both North Jersey and cable television. But he wasn’t only running numbers and busting people out—he was also subtly offering fashion tips. Here are some of the boss’ style staples and how you can incorporate them into your summer wardrobe.

Track Suits

Screenshot via HBO GO

For Tony (and several other Sopranos characters), fashion begins and ends with the tracksuit. They range from breathable nylon to stylish velour. There’s just something about matching from head to toe in the same material that makes a man feel good. But while they may be referred to as track or jogging suits, it’s actually illegal to perform any sort of physical activity while wearing them.

Polo Shirts

Screenshot via HBO GO

Some of us at BTR don’t care for polo shirts, but they’re Tony Soprano’s bread and butter. He mixes up colors and patterns constantly in the show’s early seasons. Tony moves seamlessly from dark to light, plain to flamboyant. And he almost always tucks ‘em in.

Button Downs


This is an objectively great shirt. If you wear these (or anything similar to the button downs Tony rocks, including this Pac-Man screen-looking joint), you will have a successful summer and probably a successful life.

Cabana Shirts
A fresh cabana shirt will give you taste of the tropics no matter where you are. Like polos, Tony mixes these up throughout the series, shifting between muted colors to boisterous patterns. Throw on a gold chain and undo the top two buttons for maximum effect.


Screenshot via HBO GO

Shorts are a summer staple. Carmine Lupertazzi may not approve, but Tony does. At least while he’s barbecuing.


Screenshot via HBO GO

Nothing says you’ve had a long night out like emerging from your bedroom donning a robe and undershirt. Tony Soprano perfected this look as he rumbled downstairs every morning to grab the paper in his driveway. A classic look for mafia bosses and lazy schlubs alike.

Mock Neck Sweater

Screenshot via HBO GO

Worn almost exclusively by old Italian men. They work under a sport coat or as a stand-alone garment. But you don’t need to be a middle-aged paisan to rock this look—the material is thick, but breathable and sleek, perfect for chilly summer nights.