Leftist Memes for Despising Both Democrats & Republicans

Leftists love dunking on Democrats. Maybe because it’s so darn easy—after all, Dems screw up so often it’d be difficult not to roast them for it. After they bungled the 2016 election and stacked the last two presidential primaries against progressive voters (as well as, you know, kept the country and world mired in corporate neoliberalism), there’s real animosity there.

A funny thing happens when you’re a leftist criticizing Democrats or tweeting out #NeverBiden—conservatives suddenly think you’re on their side. And while both leftists and Republicans can agree that Dems suck, most progressives aren’t about to align with the party plunging the country into full-on fascism.

So, what’s an online leftist to do? As usual, a Twitter meme perfectly captured the mood of despising both sides equally. The replies made it even better.